Floral Artisan Brings Natural Style to the Forefront

Lake Minnetonka Magazine

Petals for Purpose – “Live in Flower” 

We LIVE GREEN and BLOOM. We cultivate organic experiential, LIVE and planted floral creations for home, organizations, events, weAREables, festivals and more…anywhere you desire to GROW and BE, we BLOOM with you!

Petals for Purpose is ROOTED in give-back.  We shine light for women, children and mental health through The Daphne Floral Project / weAREables and event floral give-back.  A movement dedicated to BLOOMING – a voice to be heard, presence to be understood and the belief to BE.  

Front Porch and Patio Refresh Series: ALL the GREEN & BLOOM!

Re-imagine your front porch or patio (corporate or residential) space and energy with Petals for Purpose.  The Front Porch and Patio Refresh experience includes amazing and in-depth talking sessions with our premier designers.  We create the design with YOU!  Let’s create the most dreamy inviting space for your home or office – be the talk of the town!  Each proposal will include our extended “keeping it green” service. 

“Tell me more, I’d love to talk to you about a seasonal refresh – CLICK HERE”

“I do want the coolest space!” 

Moments to Memories – Event Bloom Creations!

Wherever life plants you, bloom! The singular most important thing we do is LISTEN!  Listen for the cues about the experience you desire to create.. no event bloom creation is the same – there are no two YOUs!  We see life as moments to memories and hone in on the bloom expression.  Our custom event arrangements are showpieces for your personal or business event. 

“Let’s talk soon for my event.” 

weAReable Live Art!  Let’s Bloom!

The weAREable floral live art was born out of The Daphne Floral Project (WE-ARE-ABLE to be seen and heard).  These designs are created for fashion, for the “wow” event attire and for everyday wear.  They are custom designed pieces created for personal and corporate marketing.  Living in flower is a thing!  Each piece is custom designed for YOU!  We create attire for mannequins, humans and for displays.  The weAREables give floral energy for a cause or to cultivate a following for your event, whether corporate, retail or personal.  It is custom coutour designed for children and adults.   

A little more about “The Daphne Floral Project” –  

Daphne – a healing presence.  Daphne was created to shine for women and children of Sojourner Project MN.  She came to be as part of the search to reclaim voice and presence and to represent expression and healing.  Petals for Purpose continues to create opportunities for ALL to shine whether it is through active creative expression or raising funds and giving back.