Supporting community through beautiful blooms

Front Porch Refresh & Yardscape Series

– All the Green and Bloom!

Re-imagine your front porch and/ or yardscape for the seasons with Petals For Purpose.  The Front Porch Refresh and Yardscape experience include amazing in-depth talks with our premier designers. We create the plan with YOU!  Our design is all the things! Let’s create the most dreamy inviting front space for your home or office – be the talk of the hood!  Each proposal will include our extended “keeping it green” service. 

“I want the coolest front porch”

“Please help me with my yard”

Moment to Memory Event Bloom Creations 

Wherever life plants you, bloom! Let’s do it!  The only thing we do is listen! Listen for the cues about the experience you are creating… no event bloom creation is the same as you – no two yous! We see life as moments to memories and hone in on the bloom expression.  Our custom event arrangements are showpieces for your personal or business events.  

“Let’s talk – I have an event” 

The Daphne Floral Project – WeAREable

WeAREable art .. live art.. 

A movement to share life in bloom – the becoming of soul, of voice and of presence.  The WeAREables (WE-ARE-ABLE to be seen and heard) are unique creative expressions by women and children blooming – the journey of healing.  Spaces and events to preview The Daphne Floral Project:  (list out places) and connect to the written page about weareables – 

“I want weAREables at my event”

“I want to rent these cool things”

“How do I buy this?” 

Petals for Purpose

– An intentional and experiential floral posse of amazing soulful mamas blessed to have brilliant creatives as ride or dies!  Our number one goal – collaborating and connecting with ALL humans through green and bloom .. Here are THE GREEN AND BLOOM Moments to Memories from our posse .. Wayzata art show can,
the daphne project LEAF